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Classified has partnered with Protelicious, bringing you healthy and nutritious smoothies blended with grass-fed whey protein. Protelicious sources the highest quality Whey Protein Concentrate from New Zealand dairy farms from grass-grazed cows.

Being cold processed, the whey retains all research-backed health properties. Instead of using industrial 'natural' flavourings, extracts, or concentrates, Protelicious uses only wholesome ingredients, the same kind you would use in your kitchen: high-quality cocoa powders, ceremonial grade green teas, freeze-dried strawberries and raspberries, and the natural zero calorie sweetener: stevia. We don't add sugar or any fillers, thickeners, or conservatives. 
The outcome is luscious tasting health promoting protein blends that are ethically sourced.
For more information, please visit their website

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