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We're proud to be partnering with Les Frères Marchand, experts of cheese with a family long tradition passed down through 6 generations since the 1880s. Each month, we bring new cheeses for you to discover.

Curé Nantais

A medium soft, light yellow, 40% fat pasteurized cow’s milk cheese with a smoky, almost bacon type aroma with a mild tangy flavour.

Mothais Sur Feuille AOC
A raw goat's milk cheese with a soft, delicate & melty texture that becomes dense as it ages.
Olivet Cendré
A soft-white cheese of round shape with ash-gray, natural rind made from pasteurized cow's milk.
Pouligny St Pierre AOP
Soft and dense, ivory-coloured pyramid raw goat cheese that exudes an earthy flavour with a creamy & nutty character.

Domaine des Roches Neuves, Saumur-Champigny 2017
Red berry nose followed by a ripe raspberry palate with hints of smoke & cocoa.
Domaine des Clairneaux JM Berthier, Sancerre 2016
The clean, racy nose reveals hints of grapefruit, white flowers and flintiness.

Available from 1 - 31 May at all Classified locations except New World Tower

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